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When I started the company several years ago with two friends, Josh & John, we had a shared vision - to build the best future.  And we did that, we did cabinetry and architectural millwork in San Diego for commercial and residential customers for several years.  


Now though, times have changed and so has our business model.  While we still do some cabinetry and architectural millwork for select clients, our main focus is to support other cabinet shops and companies within the industry by making their lives easier.  I've invested in expensive, state-of-the-art machinery so you don't have to and my team and I are committed to easing your burdens. We are your on-demand employee, ready to provide you with high-quality parts and/or cabinets when you need them. 

Jay Lewis, President

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It all started with a ride on a sailboat…
While on a sailboat, Jay & Josh were discussing drafting when Josh said to Jay that he’d hire him if he knew AutoCAD.  Jay started taking night classes right away, learned AutoCAD and began working with Josh using AutoCAD within a couple of weeks.  
When drafting work slowed down and Jay wanted more hours, Josh asked Jay to work in the woodshop that John & Josh owned as a companion business to John’s General Contracting company.  
After a couple of months of working in the woodshop, Jay pitched the idea to turn the companion business into a separate entity that Jay would run while Josh & John were running their own businesses.  That’s how J3 Products Group was born. While John has since left the business to focus on his family, Jay and Josh continue to be involved pushing the business to new success.

Meet The Founders

Jay Lewis grew up in a small town in South Carolina where he graduated from the University of South Carolina with degrees in Marketing, International Business and Spanish.  Jay did marketing for many years and had the opportunity to visit every contiguous state in the US but after visiting San Diego, he decided to permanently move here in 2005. Jay changed careers briefly leaving marketing and getting into sales before he and Josh were on that infamous sailboat.  After getting out of sales and doing redlines for Josh, J3 Products Group was born.  When Jay’s not in the office, you can find him surfing, snowboarding, riding his motorcycle, road riding, mountain biking, or practically anything outdoors.  A bit of a Type A and overachiever, Jay has also done several Ironman 70.3’s and even spent time volunteering for the world’s largest Triathlon Club, San Diego Triathlon Club.









Josh Gilko is a structural engineer by trade and has been doing it for almost 20 years.  He also owns Shop Engineering; a boutique structural engineering firm with offices in San Diego, CA and Bozeman, MT.  Josh grew up in Montana and is a former ski patrol and airplane pilot (fun fact: he used to own a plane!).  Josh loves being outdoors and has hiked parts of the PCT & John Muir trail.  If you can’t find Josh at J3 Products Group or in one of his offices, you may find him driving his Porsche, riding his BMW motorcycle, fishing for trout, mountain biking, surfing or skiing in a foreign country.

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