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Mission of this page:

To make our community a better place by:
  • Presenting easy to understand, actionable information that has been verified
  • Reducing the spread of virus
  • Create better relationships with family


General Information for  navigating day to day life during The Covid19 outbreak


Practical advice to help relieve stress and protect the health of you and your family  

Small Businesses

Information on how to care for employees,  to ensure your business can thrive, and continue to contribute towards maintaining a stable economy

Healthcare Professionals

Up to date information to help you stay on the fore front of providing needed care


​Advice for daily activities:

Positive Covid Cases: 

  • World Health Organizations Daily Updates -  Update 4/3/20

  • United States (CDC.GOV) Find your state and local community (Click here) 

  • San Diego - (Click here)

I don’t believe this is bad:

Financial Information for:

Parks/Beaches/Recreational information:


Small Businesses

Healthcare Professionals​

If you hear of anything different or have a different source, please email
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